DVD Cased Blueprint For Truth Companion Edition

9/11: Blueprint For Truth – The Architecture of Destruction — Companion Edition DVD with 10-, 30-, and 60-minute abridged versions and bonus material.

This DVD contains:

  • 1-hour condensation of the facts covered in Richard Gage's full "9/11: Blueprint for Truth, The Architecture of Destruction" presentation.
  • 30-minute condensation of the facts covered in Richard Gage's full "9/11: Blueprint for Truth
  • Three videos of presentations by physics teacher David Chandler.
  • Brief documentation about the destruction of the North Tower.
  • WTC Twin Towers and Building 7 evidence card and a key map card.

The 30-minute version is great for waking up busy professionals and elected reps over lunch.

If you'll take this presentation through the procedures of getting it aired on your local public-access TV station, add a note to the comment form when you check out so we can throw in a free one-hour version which is formatted for local public-access TV stations. We encourage you to find and contact your local public-access station, to learn how you can broadcast this DVD there. (Alliance For Community Media http://www.alliancecm.org/ is a good place to start.) View the trailer here.

Also included is David Chandler's "The Free-fall Acceleration of Building 7," the presentation that helped inspire a group of scientists and engineers to force representatives of NIST to acknowledge that WTC 7 went down in free-fall.

1 DVD: (NTSC format)

Downloads: ($9.95)

Should you decide to burn your own copies to give to friends, family and colleagues, you can download the disc image for free if you are an AE911Truth petition signer. If you aren't yet a signer, then please sign the petition. 

The full two-hour Research Edition can be purchased with the Companion Edition for a discount as well.


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